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Capturing Life's Precious Moments

As a professional photographer with a passion for preserving memories, I specialize in a wide range of photography services to meet your unique needs. Whether it's capturing the joy of a family party, the excitement of a corporate event, or the beauty of a maternity photo shoot, I'm dedicated to creating stunning visuals that tell your story.
Who we are

John McManus Photography

My journey began with a vision – to capture life’s most precious moments in a way that transcends time and speaks to the heart. Today, we are proud to be your trusted partner in preserving memories and creating artistry through photography.
At John McManus Photography, I believe that every moment is a work of art waiting to be framed. My vision is to freeze these fleeting moments in time, turning them into timeless treasures that you can cherish for a lifetime. I am not just a photographer; I am a visual storyteller who has a deep appreciation for the beauty, emotions, and uniqueness of every event and individual I encounter.
What we offer

All Your Photography Needs In One Place

Elevate your online presence with my professional website photography services.

Event Photography

Immerse yourself in the magic of your special moments with my event photography services. I capture the essence of your events, from weddings to birthdays.

Family Parties

Celebrate family togetherness with my family party photography. I'll document your gatherings, ensuring you have cherished memories to look back on for generations.

Corporate Events

Elevate your corporate events with our professional photography services. We capture the professionalism and energy of your gatherings that enhance your brand.

Hen Parties

Make your hen party unforgettable with my photography. I'll document the laughter and joy of this special occasion, giving you memories to cherish.

Family Photos

Preserve the love and connection within your family with my family photo sessions. My portraits capture the unique personality of each family member.

Maternity Photos

Embrace the beauty of motherhood with my maternity photo shoots. I create artistic images that celebrate the journey of pregnancy.


Commemorate your academic achievements with my graduation photography. I capture the pride and excitement of this milestone.

Industrial/Industry Photography

Highlight the strength and innovation of your industry with my industrial photography services. I showcase the heart of your business.

Photo Booth

Add a touch of fun to any event with my photo booth service. Let your guests create lasting memories with custom props and backgrounds.


Capture the innocence and sweetness of your little ones with my baby photography. I specialize in newborn and baby portraits.


Document your social gatherings and parties with my social event photography. I ensure that every candid moment is preserved beautifully.


Celebrate the spiritual milestones of your family with my christening photography. I capture the significance of this sacred event.

Pictures For Websites

Enhance your online presence with my professional website photography. I provide high-quality images that elevate your website's visual appeal.

Media and Public Relations

Support your media and PR efforts with my photography services. I deliver compelling images to complement your press releases and promotional materials.

Sports Events

Capture the intensity and excitement of sports events with my sports photography. I freeze action-packed moments in time

Family Reunions

Reunite with loved ones and create lasting memories with my family reunion photography. I document the joy of coming together.

Featured Photograph

Captured Moments in Time

Welcome to our gallery, where we invite you to step into a world of visual storytelling and artistic expression. Each image here is more than just a photograph; it’s a glimpse into the emotions, stories, and memories that we’ve had the privilege of capturing.


Client Feedback.

Alice Carniato

I really enjoyed working on different shoots with John. He is a real professional and his studio has all the material you need for a good shoot. He also has a pole which is perfect for a pole photoshoot! His work is great. Thanks again John!”

Lisa Penski

I loved working with John, I did 3 photo shoots at his studio with my friend, one for yoga/fitness and two pole dance shoots. Can only recommend, John was very professional, and the photos turned out amazing. Thanks John! 🙂

Let's Create Your Story Together

Are you ready to turn your moments into lasting memories? Whether it’s a special event, a family gathering, or a professional project, John McManus Photography is here to bring your vision to life. Let’s embark on a creative journey together and capture the essence of your unique story through the lens.
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